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Tooting my own horn

First toot

If you look at the inputs to SRT Bike Shop (which is me), You will see a few negative inputs. One of my customers said he paid no attention to them. He said he figured if I have been in business for seven years and only received a few negative inputs...I must be doing some thing right. You can't please all the people all the time!

Second toot:

A nice lady came in today to thank me for rescuing her from bike accident last October. She reminded me that I sent my workers and my 6 passenger surry to pick her up. Turns out she had a broken hip that had to be replaced. She said she would like to thank me on line but she did not know how.

I admit I am not comfortable with facebook and have never tweeted. But many of my customers have agreed that it is a great idea to create a riders club. I want to call it "Weekend Warriors Bike Club". It would be a voluntary club that would help my infrequent bike riders connect with others with similar interests. If you are interested call me at 864-990-8856 with your ideas. Your info would never be sold or abused. This is just for fun.

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